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Head's welcome  

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but rather the lighting of a fire."-William Butler Yeats.To teach is to desire to face challenges and overcome obstacles almost every day. We believe we all can shape the future. Teaching and learning are  more than a process of providing minds with basic skills and strategies, but rather, to empower and enlighten them. This is an important link in the way we communicate all that we need and do in teaching and learning English . If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Saleh Al Garni

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Review of ELDJ programs & website ​
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Dr. Carol Vukelich
Sandra L. and L. Bruce Hammonds Professor of Teacher Education
College of Education and Human Development Dean Emeritus

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dr Scott2.jpg

Dr. Scott Stevens
English Language Institute Director
Associate Professor School of Education
Program Coordinator, MA in Teaching English as a Second Language

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Review of ELDJ programs & website ​

Stephanie Korucu
Manager for Groups
and Specialised programms
English Language Academy
University of Auckland
New Zealand

Our dear ELDJ supervisor
 Osama Al Jadaani
with Stephanie Korucu  
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Review of ELDJ programs & website ​
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Professor Maria Coady
,University of Florida,
ibrahim with Professor maria 2.jpeg

Professor Maria  moved to North Carolina State University 

Our dear ELDJ supervisor
 Ibrahim Al Subhi 
with Professor Maria Coady  
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