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Quiz 1

Why are you learning English?

Quiz 4

The little girl gives a letter to ...

Quiz 7

Emperor Qin Army

Quiz 10

Plastic Story

Quiz 13

Art History

Quiz 16

A girl helps her brother solve a problem.

Quiz 19

Lala Penguin Goes Shopping in Japan

Quiz 2

Pip A Short Animated Film

Quiz 5

Job Interview

Quiz 8

Neil Armstrong

Quiz 11

A short report about the Chinese space station crash

Quiz 14

Introduction to this wonderful natural feature

Quiz 17

Meet baby panthers

Quiz 20

Checking in at an airport

Quiz 3

President Obama about his daily life

Quiz 6

Walt Disney Story

Quiz 9

What does she look like?

Quiz 12

Mr. Bean flies first class and almost gets arrested.

Quiz 15

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano on the state’s main island.

Quiz 18

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