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Saleem Al Harthi-Abdullah bin Alharith secondary.jpeg

Saleem Al Harthi

Abdullah bin Alharith Secondary


Husein Al Omari- Ibn Hazm Secondary.jpeg

Husein Al Omari

Ibn Hazm Secondary


Faisal Ahmed Al Nushayri-Jeddah Secondary.jpg

Faisal Ahmed Al Nushayri

Jeddah Secondary


Mohammad Hebbani-Ebrahimiah Secondary.jpg

Mohammad Hebbani Ebrahimiah Secondary


Mohammad Al Sheikh - Al Razi Intermediate.jpg

Mohammad Al Sheikh

 Al Razi Intermediate


Abdulaziz Salmeen-Rabigh Secondary.jpeg

Abdulaziz Salmeen

Rabigh Secondary


Yaser Al Ghamdi- Al Razi Intermediate.jpg

Yaser Al Ghamdi

Al Razi Intermediate


Osama Shigdar

Mohammad bin Saud Secondary


Atef  Al Ghamdi-Maan Bin Odai Primary.jpeg

Atef  Al Ghamdi

Maan Bin Odai Primary



Top Teachers of 2020 are distinguished in teaching English at their schools and inside their classes. They have participated effectively in several activities and events such as distance learning and volunteered to represent ELDJ at Jeddah International Book Fair. We all appreciate their great jobs.

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Abdulhadi Al Rashedi

Abdullah Ben Abi Al Sarh Sec. School

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-24 at 9.32.48 PM.

Ali Al Shomrani

Ows Ben Habeeb Sec. School


Mohammad Al Shareef

Thaqeef  Sec. School

saad al shehri.JPG

Saad Al Shehri

Arafat Sec, School

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-24 at 4.12.18 PM.

Yousef Al Mowallad

Al Fatih Sec. School


Yahya Al Mubaraki

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-25 at 9.06.03 PM.

Khaled Aseeri

Saeed Ben Jubair Sec. School

Al Riyadh Pr. School

Mousa Alqahtani
 Al-Imam Al-Awzaee Primary School

- BA in English literature from KAU, 2004.

- One of the pioneer teachers, in the KSA, who teach English for Grade 2 in 2019.

- Has been a coordinator for the gifted students since 2007.

- Has been teaching grade six since 2005.

khaled al shehri.jpeg
Khaled Al Shehri
Al Masoudi Intermediate School

 - Gives his students wider role in their learning.

- Provides his students with latest modern technology in education.

- Established his English Language Lab to create a unique environment to teach and learn English.

hani al harbi.jpeg
Hani Al Harbi
Prince Turkey ben Abdullah Secondary School

- Established an amazing English CLUB at his school ‘’ English Center’’

 - Adopted various activities with his students inside and outside classroom.

- Launched his YouTube Channel in 2017.

Adel Al Ghamdi
Khaled ben Al Waleed Secondary School

This is Adel AlGhamdi who has been teaching for the past 16 years. He is known as a work-hard teacher who accepts challenges. He believes that the role of the teacher is not only to teach or pass information to students but also motivate students and make them love to learn and get them inspired. Adel is one of the organizing and judging team of Talented Speaker competition which took place at Dar Al-Thikr Secondary School. He never misses a chance to participate in a training programme which may develop his performance.

Teaching is said to be the most rewarding profession in the world. As an educator, you get to help mold the brilliant minds of tomorrow. I believe that a teacher has a passion to share, which is to help students achieve their academic success.
I strongly believe in educating and encouraging students to become the best that they can and ought to be.
Some of my many achievements:
I’ve been teaching English for the past 16 years.
Recently, I began teaching using a smartphone in the class and using the app "Quizlet" which enables students to study daily assigned vocabulary. "Quizlet" allows me to teach, test, and assess, as well.
I’ve also begun using social media such as Instagram and YouTube in the classroom in order to inspire students through videos, photos, worksheets and specific tasks. Being a trainer helps Adel to introduce courses to his fellow teachers such as lesson plan, cooperative learning and building exams.
I practice active learning strategies. My students do and enjoy learning.
Some of my extracurricular activities include, being an International trainer and spending six months participating in the program "Building Leadership for Change through School Immersion" at Kent State University in Ohio, USA and having more than 900 training hours throughout my career including TESOL.

Yasser Yousef Alhawsawi

Arafat Secondary School

It's a well known fact that education plays an important role in our life. Education is very necessary to the progress and the building up of any society. Yasser believes that the greatest achievement as a teacher is being a wholesome person. A person who teaches and be able to be appreciated, so his point of view is that, a teacher's role involves more than simply standing in front of a classroom and lecturing . An effective teacher takes on other roles, as well. They are perform certain tasks and duties including student support, counseling students with academic problems and providing student encouragement participate in extracurricular activities. 

Here is some of the important achievements:

*English Language Department Exhibition
- Students give an oral presentation that describes their internship experience and the work they have done toward their Learning plan and in an exhibition ,students get a chance to apply or do the practical aspect of the things that they have learned from the classroom.
* Project Based Learning (PBL)
- Project Based Learning improves learning. After completing a project, students understand content more deeply, remember what they learn and retain it longer than is often the case with traditional instruction.
* Active Learning strategies
- Active learning strategies have been shown to enhance the learning process in addition to improved content knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
* Professional development sessions for teachers
-Professional development sessions for teachers should be analogous to professional development for other professionals .Throughout the school day teachers at Arafat High School attending professional development sessions to learn the latest best practices for example,
* Extracurricular Activities
- Life skills club program for managing student behavior.
Main Topics:
1. Changing Student Attitudes
2. Changing Student Behaviors
3. Motivating Students to Learn

* Talented Speakers 2016
* Building Leadership for Change through School Immersion The University of Western Australia

In fact, Professional development helps teachers keep their skill sets fresh and learn new strategies for effective teaching, so that teachers should regularly collaborate with one another to gain new ideas for teaching to development the learning experience

Ziyad Abdul-Rahman Al-Muwallad

Arafat Secondary School

Ziyad Al-Muwallad is one of the distinguished English language teachers in Jeddah. He believes that "an effective teacher understand that teaching involves wearing multiple hats to ensure all student receive a quality education". His fascinating learning style always keeps his students motivated and interested in learning English. Ziyad is one of the organizing and judging team of Talented Speaker competition which took place at Arafat Secondary School. Also, he designed a modified lesson plan sheet for English teachers in his school. He is one of the main  contributors of English Language Department programs such as Talented Speaker and ELDJ corner in Jeddah International Book Fair.

Me and my fellow teachers in our school cooperate together to facilitate student's challenges in learning the language. Meetings, workshops, visiting and providing teachers with the latest techniques and methodologies used in the field of education, are all some of the ways used to help my fellow teachers.

Name: Mazin Alzamil
School: Althagar secondary school


See experiment 

Find same devices 

Learner Response System:

   A hand-friendly learner response device with A-F voting capability. Instructors pose the questions, participants send their choices and results are available for immediate view. 

Mobile App:

Create and Design Mobile application: 

     Students can  do quizzes and classwork on their mobiles at anytime and anywhere.  

See experiment 

Mutasim is known for his outstanding performance as a teacher and his unique appearance, as he always wears thobes that have his logo and motto 'Strength & Honesty' on them. Mutasim believes that a teacher's  primary role is far more important than just passing information and knowledge to others. He believes that a teacher's primary role is to INSPIRE.

Mutasim's teaching methodologies have no lack of originality and creativity. He's known for having a unique teaching system that keeps his students motivated and interested in learning the English language. This system made him popular among his students, and he's considered by many to be the greatest English teacher ever.


Name: Mutasim Nadeem
School: Alfaisaliah School For The Gifted

Here is a list for some of Mutasim's achievements:


  * Creating a logo and choosing the motto 'Strength & Honesty.' that is inspired by the Qur'an.




*Launching a YouTube channel in August 2015 with hundreds of high-quality educational videos that teach English to Saudi students. The channel helped a lot of teachers in their lessons' preparations and became a tutor to thousands of students. It also inspired many others to improve the quality of education in Saudi Arabia.



*Launching an Educational series of 51 episodes under the name 'The Most Important 1000 English Words'. This series is well planned, written and executed. Many YouTube viewers who watched and completed the series consider it as the best series for teaching English for Arabs beginners.



*Launching an Educational series from 8 episodes under the name 'Stories of Grandmother' That allows viewers to learn English through reading, listening and watching entertaining stories with full or partial Arabic translation.



*Launching many inspirational videos to inspire people all around Saudi Arabia.

 Creating an educational game from scratch under the name 'KRYPTONITE' that helps students         learn new vocabulary words and help them improve their speaking skill all while having great fun       in a very competitive game.



*Designing his own version of a game know as 'Blockbusters' or 'Letters' that help students learn new vocabulary words.


*Organizing, sponsoring and judging 4 annual competitions that take place at Alfaisaliah School For The Gifted -SUPER SPEAKER, SUPER WRITER, THE FASTEST IMPROVING STUDENT, SUPER STUDENTS-, to help motivate students to learn English.



*Providing students and parents with quarterly high detailed reports that show the students' progress. And much more.


Name: Hassan Mayajan
School:AlTufail Primary school

Modern English language classroom equipped and integrated with the latest technologies in teaching.  I adopt the latest teaching methods and different active teaching methods that help to promote the teaching of English language correctly and to find the appropriate environment for the educational process.


Name: Mohammad Falaatah
School: King Fahad Intermediate school

One of the outstanding teachers in Jeddah at the intermediate stage. He has outstanding contributions to the development of English language teaching at his school. He created an attractive learning environment. He  has a distinguish  role in the programs of the Department of English language teaching Jeddah ELDJ.He is one of the main contributors of SPELL ARABIA.









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