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How To be a Role Model

Makkah Cultural Forum

 The Makkah Cultural Forum was launched to go hand in hand with the development plan of Makkah Region, which is based on community development. It aims to invest all the potentials of the region to develop the cultural and intellectual endeavors. It is an annual forum under the auspicious of Governorate of Makkah Region and it is annually released with a new theme.


The forum is an intellectual cultural project targeting all segments of society with a series of programs and events under auspicious of  the Governorate of Makkah Region and executed  by governmental, private and civil entities in accordance with a comprehensive already approved plan.

-    Objectives:

-    Stimulate government, private and civil sectors to participate in cultural activities.

-    Support cultural and social initiatives.

-    Honor distinguished dignitaries in the region (province) of all categories and ages.

-    Create a competitive environment between individuals and institutions.

-Targeted Individuals:

-The head of the family (father and mother).


-Imam and orator of the mosque.

-Government and civil sector entities officials.